After being off school from 2yrs because of accident,Nigerian lady bags first class in Benson Idahosa University(Pics)


After being off in school for 2yrs because of accident,a Nigerian lady named Grace Chioma Anyim graduated with first class in Benson Idahosa University and also emerged best graduating student from Accounting Dept and best graduating student from the faculty.Read the story shared by Victor below..

‘ every step she took while walking up, listening to the cheers, I just felt this could only be Grace. 

it’s been a long time this struggle started, as far back as 2011.

with the setback of the trailer accident that kept u off for almost 2years in the hospital alone, without friends or family fighting for your life, the pain of starting all over again when your peers were convocating, who would have known u had to bear the pain of using colostomy bag with your stomach open throughout your study year(some people just got to know now) and still read your book(medical students will understand this more) but you fought on. 

he that starts the work in our life will finish it truly. there was no time for slaying but making.

and now the steps of honour.congratulations to the new Accountant.


Best Graduating Student from Accounting Dept

Best Graduating Student from the Faculty.

recipient of 3 convocation awards



Congratulations on your convocation small sis, God bless you Chioma


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