TB Joshua Delivers Man Who Moves Around With A Demonic Ring And 3 Scorpions(Photos)



Maxwell Abugari came to The SCOAN service with his mother but little did he know that the Spirit of God would very soon locate his situation. During the service, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave a Word of prophecy that there was a brother who had a ring in his pocket and that he always carried scorpions around anywhere he went. Amazed at the accuracy of the prophet’s words, Maxwell came out to confirm and went outside the church to pick up the scorpions that he had dropped outside.

Testifying the following week with his mother, he explained the genesis of his problem. He had a dream in which he made love with a woman and that woman instructed him to go to a specific river and dip his hand into it and there he would find a ring and three scorpions. The spirit woman instructed that he should always wear the ring on his right hand. When he woke up, he went to the river and dipped his hand and brought out a ring and three scorpions just as he had been instructed in the dream. As soon as he began wearing the ring, the spirit brought shame to his life as he began to drink excessive alcohol, take drugs and steal. Anytime he wanted to be happy the spirit would bring disgrace to his life by telling him to steal and drink and fight. He was working with a Chinese mining company and that is where he began stealing their gold. Perplexed, the company owners did not know that it was the machine operators that were stealing their merchandise. Maxwell went with his friends to get charms so that he could have power to steal and not get caught. When he went to a witchdoctor to get the charms, they gave him blood to drink and reptile scales to hold. The evil spirit said that he would get anything he wanted with the ring and the scorpions and told him to talk to the scorpions and wear the ring before doing any mission. When on a mission, if he spoke to a person, they would like him and give him money. He would then use the money to buy alcohol and smoke marijuana. He would never buy food or drink water. His mother would try to give him advice not to steal but he would steal all the more. The evil spirit would also instruct him to make love to prostitutes and take the ring and scorpions along and talk to them.

His mother bought him a motor bike but he sold it to buy cocaine. He would smoke so much that he would smoke 1 carton of cigarettes at a time and his friends gave him nicknames. A time came that he couldn’t afford to buy the drugs so a drug dealer gave him a job as a distributor and he began to deal drugs to people.

One day his mother called him to come home and she realized that he was addicted to drugs. She would advise him but he was already into the habit. His mother did not tell him that she was planning to come to Nigeria with her son to The SCOAN for deliverance of her son. When he came, he was located through prophecy and was eventually delivered in the name of Jesus Christ. Now, delivered, he has realized himself and cannot even believe that he was into that fetish lifestyle.

His mother thanked God for her son Maxwell’s deliverance and advised that if anyone’s son was also into such things that they should come to a living church for deliverance.

Maxwell advised youth that they should run to God and come to living churches like The SCOAN, the Arena of Liberty for their deliverance. He thought that what he was doing was right before when he was in the world but after deliverance he realized that it was wrong.

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